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Fire Damage

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​Fire damage is often devastating and stressful. DNZ seeks to help you put your best foot forward by working to restore your property. A fire or fire-related accident can cause irreversible damage even after the flames have been put out, meaning that you need technicians to act quickly. If left untreated, smoke and ash remnants can greatly affect the structure by leaving stains and discoloration, corrosion, and a lingering odor that cannot seem to go away. DNZ Restoration Services seeks to eliminate any further damage by coming in and thoroughly cleaning out the affected area. Since ash and smoke can quickly spread throughout a building and cause further damage, our technicians have been trained to be thorough and wise while eliminating built-up ash and going through the affected areas. They are experienced in knowing what can and cannot be salvaged from a fire, and can help reduce costly repairs that might be necessary after a fire catastrophe. Their expertise in this field allows for minimal damage and maximum repair.

Don't let water ruin your property. With a quick call to DNZ, our trained technicians will arrive ready to tackle any water misadventure.